ESA RN34 – Midterm Conference: Religions and Identities in the European Migration Crisis


In the framework of the ESA RN34 Mid-term Conference entitled “Religions and Identities in the European Migration Crisis”, AIS-Section of Sociology of Religion, in cooperation with ESA RN34, has organized a panel on Religion and religiosity of migrants: what is the role of the social remittances?

Contemporary studies have mainly examined the economic consequences and impact of remittances in the sending countries, but left unnoticed the deep influence of Social Remittances. Social Remittances are ideas, practices, identities and social capital that flow from host country to receiving country.  No attempt has been made so far to explore how migratory movements and remittances affected religion and religious practices thus leading to a subsequent social transformation. The literature on religion consists of a number of studies that have documented the correlation between religiosity and various social and political behaviors (Gruber, and Hungerman, 2008; Cadge and Ecklund, 2007; Ecklund, 2006; Ellison 1991). Nevertheless, there is no empirical evidence on the relationship between religiosity and remittances sending behavior.
This panel intends to address the impact that international migration is having in terms of religious patterns worldwide. The contributions of the panelists seek to examine the transformations – if any – in the religious practices of migrants in the destination countries and if they affect the countries of origin as well. If religiosity and religious practices facilitate the adaptation of immigrants into a new society and what are the consequences of religious influences between home and host countries.

Prof. Emanuela C. Del Re and Prof. Roberta Ricucci

Francesca Rosati, University of Leiden
Giulia Marroccoli, University of Turin
Nicolamaria Coppola, La Sapienza – University